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Got cluttered wardrobe syndrome?

Well, that happens to the best of us…..on occasion 😉 But do you consistently suffer from “I cannot find a thing in there…”? If so read on. Persistently cluttered wardrobes are a syndrome of a more pernicious beast that hides … Continue reading

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Size should not matter when you want to be fashionable?

Indeed, fashion is not reserved for the thin; it is a form of self expression and it is for everyone. Just look at the new campaign from Lane Bryant and click the link below: Size Should Not Matter It is … Continue reading

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CoolSculpting What if you could freeze your fat away? Particularly, those nasty little fat deposits that just won’t budge no matter how much we diet or exercise. Lipocryolysis (CoolSculpting) promises just that. Watch it via the link above.

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Can your own cells make you look younger?

According to Fibrocell Science, Inc., the answer is YES. The company has developed a treatment where my own skin cells (fibroblasts) can be grown in a petri-dish in the company’s laboratory and injected back into my skin to reduce wrinkles … Continue reading

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Got Frizz?

If your hair looks like this it may be time for some extra TLC. Hair goes frizzy on us for a myriad of reasons including harsh chemical treatments, too much coloring, too much heat from hot blow dryers and curl … Continue reading

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Lawyernista wishes you a fabulous 2013!

Most women are fabulous by default and with a few tricks from the world of fashion and cosmetics you can be even more fabulous. But regardless of your style, true beauty begins on the inside and shines outward because as … Continue reading

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Das Hochzeitskleid

If there is one thing that takes your breath away then it is whispery-light, airy-fluttery, ultra-chic, mesmerizingly-creative wedding gowns. I am not talking about the run-of-the-mill dresses reminiscent of bonbons, runaway ruffles, or silly over-size poufs. They lack style and … Continue reading

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Lawyernista’s Weight Loss Primer and Common Misconceptions

Moderate Exercise will help me lose weight. Sadly, that it actually not true for most people. Moderate exercise helps you maintain your weight and it keeps you healthier (e.g., reduces the risk of developing diabetes by more then 50%). But … Continue reading

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The ugly transform no less then the beautiful…

Maybe there is a link between the utterly impossible shoe or dress and our worldview on beauty as it exists today. It does take exaggeration to point out the flawed in ways to draw real attention to it. The runways … Continue reading

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Rock any dress with matching shoes!

I grew up in Vienna and remember a number of upscale boutiques where you could buy tailored suits and dresses with matching color shoes. In fact, matching color shoes are still a hit with European women and good stores offer … Continue reading

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