Lawyernista (TM) is dedicated to people who are interested in enhancing their image; individuals who like to check in on the newest beauty trends; and techie women who like to learn more about style.

In some aspects, Lawyernista examines the relationship between an educated woman’s profession (e.g., law, business, science, IT, engineering) and her image. Women who work in male-dominated fields face unique challenges. During my time in science and law, I have found that many female professionals who work behind the scenes are trapped in conservative uniforms and are expected to focus exclusively on work (with little time for themselves and their families).  These women are expected to be highly productive workers and somehow juggle family on the run which leaves them little time for themselves.  Time to enhance themselves and enjoy the occasional pampering or shopping trip falls to the way side.  I hope that this blog can encourage women to be who they are — powerful feminine individuals that may act (and dress) in ways that underscores their strengths rather than diminish them.  Brilliance does not have to come at the exclusion of femininity.

Please note that I have no affiliation with any of the designers or stores referred to herein. All links and photos are provided solely for illustrative purposes. My suggestions on fashion, service providers and career choices are not directed at any one particular person nor are they meant to indicate that you must adhere to them in order to be successful in your line of work. If you follow my suggestions it is at your own risk. While I strive to provide as much helpful feedback as possible I do not endorse any particular brand over another for a monetary reward. I am not paid by nor do I accept any perks from any of the companies and/or service providers mentioned herein. I am not a licensed health care professional nor aesthetician and any and all of my suggestions are for illustrative purposes only.

All compilations, articles, summaries and images on this blog are copyright protected and LAWYERNISTA.com is a registered domain. Any copying of any material on this blog outside of the Fair Use provisions is strictly prohibited. 

Q&A regarding copyright protection:

  • Can I copy and paste content from this blog and claim it as mine? No, that is a violation of my copyright.
  • Can I insert a link to Lawyernista into my blog? Yes, absolutely. I am thrilled if you do. Links are cool!

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