Find your Style

For starters, any attempt to look, act or be like someone else is most likely not going to work. The reason why it does not work is because it does not feel comfortable. Any discomfort comes across as artificial which our subconscious mind picks up in seconds. Have you ever seen a person standing awkwardly in a corner during a networking event, back to the wall, attempting to hide in her suit? Did you feel compelled to make her acquaintance?  Likely not.

The right outfit can make you feel so much more confident then just any outfit. The day starts differently if you like what you see in the mirror before you leave the house in the morning — it is the prelude to the rest of your day. Ever noticed that when you feel good about yourself you get more compliments during the day? That is because you exude confidence. People pick up on that surprisingly well.

Notably, weight has nothing to do with being well dressed. If you are not your ideal weight you can still look stunning. And the more you enjoy the dressing part the less you will focus on your weight. And you know what happens when you stop obsessing about your weight? You may end up losing a few pounds by default. It takes energy to shop!

One of the biggest mistakes women make is to use their weight as an excuse for not looking their best. “I just have to get my ideal weight back before I can dress up again…” And in the mean time these women wear baggy clothes and hide their femininity behind drab attire. Opportunities at work and in their private lives pass them by because they are suspended in time “waiting for their ideal weight” to return. Do not make that mistake. Take care of your image “now”. 

So, first and foremost you have to find your style.  Remember, while fashion changes, style never does. Once you have got it you are always one step ahead simple because you now have a framework to work with. Your style will be influenced by your body type, your personality, your sense of humor, your your material preferences, your designer preferences and your personal boundaries. Look to others to be inspired but never copy them exactly. It may take time to find your very own style but it is surely worth the effort.

Secondly, once you have found your style you should always try to slightly push the envelope so you don’t end up looking stale or too severe. The older we get the more we have to watch out for looking too severe and too conservative. Pushing the envelope does not mean that you should attempt to dress ridiculously outrageous, it simply means that you may want to try something new ever so often. You may be surprised how much a colorful silk scarf can do for you! Try it on and if you don’t like it don’t buy it. But please, try it! It will give you perspective and teach you what works.

Finally, style has no age. In fact, one of my favorite fashionistas is Carolina Herrera. Her spectacular couture has graced the runways since 1980 and Carolina at age 70 is still one of the finest dressed women of the fashion world.

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