Why does image matter? Because there is an exquisite relationship between a person’s daily endeavor and her appearance. The dress (albeit the least important factor for someone who thinks for a living) takes on a somewhat super-human quality as it conveys knowledge, trust, prestige, know-how and confidence.

Dressing well and looking good is a form of displaying confidence. It upgrades and enhances one’s image. People around us almost immediately form a connection between a new image (you) and an association (good or bad). That is just the way we humans operate. So why leave it up to chance?

While men have their traditional power suits women are faced with a myriad of fashion choices that leaves them wondering where to go and where not to go. There is a reluctance to push the boundaries on the part of female professionals such as lawyers, corporate leaders, scientists and engineers. This is somewhat self-imposed (let’s be honest, the office does not dictate us to dress down).

So let’s get some air into those stuffy suits or baggy outfits and bring in the stilettos and silky blouses. Don’t be afraid to be feminine. It does not detract from you brilliance, rather it enhances it.


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