Das Hochzeitskleid

If there is one thing that takes your breath away then it is whispery-light, airy-fluttery, ultra-chic, mesmerizingly-creative wedding gowns. I am not talking about the run-of-the-mill dresses reminiscent of bonbons, runaway ruffles, or silly over-size poufs. They lack style and imagination. Why look like confection wrapping if you can be a vision, an angel, an out-of-this world creation concocted by the most vibrant senses and sweetest of all emotions? But how to translate this into a dress? It can be done. And it has been done my Manuel Mota of Pronovias. He has created the most spectacular and breathtaking wedding gowns ever conceived. Very sadly, this creative genius passed away in 2013. This web post is dedicated to his creations.

So please check out my most favorite wedding gowns of this season from the 2012 Barcelona Bridal week and prepare to be dazzled by the new collection from Pronovias Manuel Mota. Even if you cannot afford these dresses it can still inspire you to re-think your Hochzeitskleid and remember Manuel Mota’s genius: 

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