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Lawyernista wishes you a fabulous 2013!

Most women are fabulous by default and with a few tricks from the world of fashion and cosmetics you can be even more fabulous. But regardless of your style, true beauty begins on the inside and shines outward because as … Continue reading

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Lawyernista’s Weight Loss Primer and Common Misconceptions

Moderate Exercise will help me lose weight. Sadly, that it actually not true for most people. Moderate exercise helps you maintain your weight and it keeps you healthier (e.g., reduces the risk of developing diabetes by more then 50%). But … Continue reading

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Pro-ANA and Beyond

Here is a website with background information about the Pro-ANA movement:¬†Background Information The important thing to remember is that: You “do not” need to become anorexic in oder to be thin. It is quite ok if you want to be … Continue reading

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When is Thin too Thin?

Has the fashion world gone too far in promoting ever thinner looking models to sell their couture? Are children being brainwashed to start dieting at the age of 10? Are advertisers like Prada pushing the limits by using 13 year … Continue reading

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