When is Thin too Thin?

Has the fashion world gone too far in promoting ever thinner looking models to sell their couture? Are children being brainwashed to start dieting at the age of 10? Are advertisers like Prada pushing the limits by using 13 year old teenagers as fashion models? Is Ralph Lauren over-stepping the boundaries by featuring truly anorexic models that have been photoshopped? Is the $65 billion weight loss industry taking over by asking celebrities like Jennifer Hudson to sell their products? Are famous quotes like “No food tastes as good as skinny feels” (from supermodel Kate Moss) promoting movements like the “Pro-ANA movement”? Does being slimmer earn you more money?  

Watch this interesting interview with BNET Blogger Jim Edwards who addresses these issues: Interview with Jim Edwards

Read Jim’s article and watch the stunning images in the photo gallery: 10 advertisers that promote anorexia in their marketing

What is the Pro-ANA movement: The New Cult — Pro-ANA Movement

The photoshopped model above (Filippa Hamilton) got fired from Ralph Lauren because she had allegedly gotten too fat (120 pounds at 5’10) and could thus no longer model the company’s clothes. 

Read more about the controversy here: Photoshopped Filippa Hamilton gets fired from RL for being overweight…

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