Pro-ANA and Beyond

Here is a website with background information about the Pro-ANA movement: Background Information

The important thing to remember is that:

You “do not” need to become anorexic in oder to be thin. It is quite ok if you want to be thin but don’t confuse being thin with being healthy. Not all thin people are healthy. If you deprive your body of essential nutrients you can become very ill. That makes no sense at all. Being ill is not pretty and nothing to aspire to.

You can be healthy and slim at the same time. Eat healthy foods and exercise regularly, that is something you CAN be proud of because it shows that you value your body.  To stay happy, healthy and slim eat more vegetables, fruits and protein and less white flower and sugar. To see how to follow a healthy diet visit the above website’s Mediterranean Pyramid, which provides an example of how to eat better: Food Pyramid

Lastly, it is not pretty to be emaciated. No matter what anyone tells you, it is NOT pretty to be emaciated. Keep in mind that depriving your body of nutrients that your body needs to grow makes your hair fall out, your nails fall out, your teeth go bad, and your bones go brittle. That is NOT pretty. Ok?

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One Response to Pro-ANA and Beyond

  1. Thanks for posting this! Women should know they can be beautiful, naturally thin, and HEALTHY. I will see fully figure models sometimes, STILL thin and in good shape, but with the curves women have naturally, and I breathe a breath of fresh air, and think they look better, healthier, and more feminine.

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