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Lawyernista’s Weight Loss Primer and Common Misconceptions

Moderate Exercise will help me lose weight. Sadly, that it actually not true for most people. Moderate exercise helps you maintain your weight and it keeps you healthier (e.g., reduces the risk of developing diabetes by more then 50%). But … Continue reading

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The ugly transform no less then the beautiful…

I must say when I first saw this shoe I was shocked: The Scary Beautiful When I read about the artist’s motive that spurred the creation of this contraption I softened my reaction instantly. Maybe there is a link between this … Continue reading

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What is CoolSculpting?

According to the pros a new method to get rid of stubborn patches of unsightly fat deposits that you simply cannot ditch in the gym. It is a technique that takes advantage of freezing fat cells and promises to do … Continue reading

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Rock any dress with matching shoes!

I grew up in Vienna and remember a number of upscale boutiques where you could buy tailored suits and dresses with matching color shoes. In fact, matching color shoes are still a hit with European women and good stores offer … Continue reading

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Jean Paul Gaultier

The San Francisco De Young Museum is currently host to an exhibition of Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture, which is most spectacular in both creativity and execution. Gaultier’s creative genius as a fashion designer started at an early age where he … Continue reading

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Is Ultherapy® Treatment the new Facelift?

A new ultrasound therapy (Ultherapy® Treatment) against sagging skin has hit the market and has so far generated quite a bit of hype. It has been FDA approved for brow lift and promises to be a new form of painless … Continue reading

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Pro-ANA and Beyond

Here is a website with background information about the Pro-ANA movement: Background Information The important thing to remember is that: You “do not” need to become anorexic in oder to be thin. It is quite ok if you want to be … Continue reading

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