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Jean Paul Gaultier

The San Francisco De Young Museum is currently host to an exhibition of Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture, which is most spectacular in both creativity and execution. Gaultier’s creative genius as a fashion designer started at an early age where he … Continue reading

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Is Ultherapy® Treatment the new Facelift?

A new ultrasound therapy (Ultherapy® Treatment) against sagging skin has hit the market and has so far generated quite a bit of hype. It has been FDA approved for brow lift and promises to be a new form of painless … Continue reading

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Pro-ANA and Beyond

The Pro-ANA movement: Background Information Here is the thing — no matter what anyone tells you, it is not pretty to be emaciated. Keep in mind that depriving your body of important nutrients makes your hair fall out, your nails turn … Continue reading

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When is Thin too Thin?

Has the fashion world gone too far in promoting ever thinner looking models to sell their couture? Are children being brainwashed to start dieting at the age of 10? Are advertisers like Prada pushing the limits by using 13 year … Continue reading

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Oscar de la Renta’s Wedding Dream

I make no bones about the fact that I am a huge fan of Oscar de la Renta’s couture.  I believe the man is a fashion genius and I like nearly everything he creates.  The wedding dresses below are pure … Continue reading

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Lawyernista endorses Popp & Kretschmer in Vienna, Austria

The most exquisite store for fashionistas in the city of Vienna is (without a doubt in my mind) Popp & Kretschmer in the Inner City. If you visit Vienna make sure to stop by and indulge in the amazing dresses, … Continue reading

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Women Mediators and Their Super Human Qualities

The mediator faces a tough challenge — she represents the final stage before court, the last chance to settle things before the parties head into litigation.  She must instill confidence and trust in her parties upfront and display the idea … Continue reading

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FDA warnings about “Brazilian Blowout”!

Think twice before you get your hair smoothed via this brand-named treatment, research laboratories have tested this brand and found up to 13% formaldehyde in the product despite the company’s claims that it contains none (10% formaldehyde is enough to … Continue reading

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Best Hair Color for your Skin Color!

When you get it right the results can be magical, when you get it wrong, the results can be painful. The right hair color can make you look more youthful, vibrant, and sophisticated.  The wrong hair color can make you … Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid to add some color…

Color is wonderful accessory if you do not overdue it.  The right colors can enhance your skin tone and make you look fresh and happy while the wrong colors can make you look sullen and tired.  Doing a bit of … Continue reading

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