The Power of Association

So, when you go to your closet to select an outfit you inevitably associate particular emotions with certain clothes, correct? The red one reminds you of your last date that went so well. The white sweater always makes you feel so comfortable. That grey suit did not bring you luck the last time you gave a talk. Those black shoes are a thrill but they hurt so much during your last theater visit that you felt like throwing them into the next garbage bin…

Are clothes associated with emotions? Do they take us back to positive and negative experiences? How does that affect us in our daily lives? What if a power suit that has never done you any good in the past is still taking up space in your closet? Should you get rid of it? When is it time to go through your wardrobe and clean out those Loser-Clothes?

Clothes are an extension of us. They are what we wear on the outside while we experience their effect on the inside. In a way, they are the bridge between the seen and the unseen, the spoken and the unspoken. So what if that connection is off and what you display to the world is no longer who you are? I know, it is almost disturbing to suggest that clothes may have that much power. But what if they do? What if they say more about you then you ever realized?

There were times when I felt like that nothing in my closet represented who I am any longer. I would get rid of large numbers of clothes and felt better — ready to start anew. If your clothes no longer tell us who you are then it may be time for you to start revamping that closet again. This is not just a question of money but a question of connection to oneself. Revamping can consist of looking at your items and asking yourself honestly why you wear (or not wear) certain pieces? What, you have not worn that thing over a year?  Then why is it still taking up space in your closet? What, you feel sad every time you wear those pants because they remind you of a break-up? Then what are these pants still doing there? I think you get my gist. We have the power to change our clothes at any time and sometimes that is just what we need.

Most recently I put a number of clothes that I no longer wear in a drawer. That created a lot space in my closet. Now,  there is space again for new stuff and the new me. Eventually I will be able to donate that drawer so others can wear with joy what I no longer make any use of. In other words, everyone benefits.

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