The Magical Suit

I love suits — so long as they are fitted (not necessarily custom-made).  Why do I say that?  Because there is a big difference between a fitted suit and a non-fitted suit.  The former flatters you while the latter does not.  To illustrate my point, take a look at this beautiful ready-to-buy Tahari suit:

Besides the sophisticated neckline, you will notice the nicely flowing silhouette that is visible from the front and the back.  The knee-length of the skirt is perfect (not too short for a work environment but still glamorous enough to stand out).  If you prefer a pant suit, this line would look just as good with paints because it brings out your figure. 

If red is too flamboyant for you try bordeaux (wine) which is more subdued but still flattering.  This above suit would look stunning in most colors even in black, grey or blue.  If you go for black or grey or blue give it some bling with a fine pearl – or faint diamond necklace to keep it from looking too stale.  Also, try to come out of your comfort zone and try a subdued green — it can look stunning, particularly on blondes and red-heads!

Now compare the Tahari suit with this less-fitted suit:

Well, if you are rail thin and very tall you can probably get away with this.  Also, if you want to look like a man, this is the one for you.  But if you rather just look like a sophisticated working woman and are of average weight or height, this type of suit will do very little for you.  Yes, it looks good on a size zero model but the question is, would it look good on you? 

I found that trying things on helps you discover your best fit.  Personally, I find that Tahari, New York Jones, Armani and St. John’s work well for me.  You may find others more suitable.  So go out there and try stuff on.  A good suit is an investment, so take your time and bring a friend if you need help discerning what fits best.

Here is another fitted suit I like, it is conservative in color and yet has an edge because of the material:

If you tend to go for ultra-conservative in terms of color, consider variation in material and style, see the sophisticated closure on this one:

Well, I hope this was helpful.  Now go out there and have fun trying things on! 

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