So little time to achieve luminous skin…

I hear you. I used to work long, long hours in law firms. Sigh…

But remember that your skin is your natural dress and needs your love and care. Neglecting your skin is just as bad as neglecting your health. And what makes it worse is that it is so visible to all that you interact with.

So here are some quick tips of what used to work for me during my long working hour schedule. And it still works for me (now that I run my own shop). Keep in mind though that these are only suggestions since skin treatments should be customized as not all fits all:

1. PhotoFacial:

Takes about an hour or two during lunch time. A procedure that lets you go back to work right after the treatment. You may look a little flushed but most people won’t notice. Photofacials are one of my favorite procedures because they remove sun and age spots, tighten pores a bit, lighten and lift skin complexion, get rid of red spots, and make you look younger and fresher. They are also wonderful for people who suffer from rosacea. Dr. Bitter developed them and I used get them right at the source at the EPI Center on 450 Sutter Street near down down SF. They are a great way to rejuvinate your skin and you can do them at lunch. Read all about them at: PhotoFacial

2. Microdermabrasion:

Tiny rough elements are used to buff away the old surface layer of your skin leaving your skin soft and subtle. It stimulates new collagen formation and leaves you looking radiant and more luminous. You can do it during lunch as it takes about an hour (or two if you combine it with a PhotoFacial or other treatment). Stay away from malls where they do it cheaply (and often badly). Get it at a place where trained doctors/nurses/aestheticians practice it. In the EPI Center they use a product called DermaSweep: DermaSweep

3. Derma Plane (works best for blondes or fair skinned people/same can be achieved with laser for darker skin):

This is a procedure that should only be administered by a trained aesthetician who has done this numerous times before. A blunt knife is used to shave your skin and remove dead skin cells and surface fuzz leaving your skin feeling incredibly soft and new (think baby face). Afterwards you may be red or flushed looking but the feel of your skin is nothing short of amazingly soft. This techniques removes old dead surface cells and leaves you looking younger and fresher. It takes about one hour and you can go right back to work. Some people have a tendency to break out after this treatment so make sure the treatment is followed by a procedure that prevents breakouts, for example,  a CO2 bolus. Read all about derma planing here at this web site: Derma Planing

4. If all of the above is just too much for you to even think about then try the Clarisonic Brush:

A quick and easy way to exfoliate your skin daily and gently (make sure you use it gently as instructed/using it too harshly can cause damage to your skin). Exfoliating your skin in the proper way will allow your skin to absorb skin care products better. Read all about it here: Clarisonic

5. Whatever you do, make sure it is customized to YOU:

I like the EPI Center because it helps me customize my treatments. Any good spa center with medically trained professionals may work for you. Read all about customized treatments here by reading Jennifer’s article: Article by Jennifer Fick (EPI Center) on Customization of Treatments

Disclaimer: Although my suggestion worked for me they may mot work for everyone. Thus, if you decide to follow my suggestions for various skin care treatments it is of course at your own risk. For example, microdermabrasion is not recommended for everyone, hence, it may not be recommended for you. The same is true for derma planing and Photofacials. When seeking skin care treatment advice always select trained and licensed physicians, nurses, and aestheticians to advise you on a customized treatment that will work for you.

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